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Entry Regulations for Austria
Austria has tightened its entry rules on 20 December due to the outbreak of the Omicron variant: Travel to Austria for touristic purposes is possible for vaccinated and recovered people. However, if you haven't received your booster jab yet, you need a negative PCR test on top.

That's how the "2-G" rule works in Austria:
The "2-G" rule (proof of full vaccination/past infection) is in effect again in Austria, as well as FFP2 mask requirements in many areas. To keep locals and visitors safe, the following measures will be in place:
• For hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, leisure centres, gyms, cultural institutions (cinemas, theatres etc.), Christmas markets, ski lifts/cable cars and body-related services (such as hairdressers) proof of full vaccination/recovery is mandatory (children under the age of 12 are exempt). Find more information here.
• COVID tests (both PCR and antigen) are not valid as "entry tests".
• FFP2 masks are required in all public areas in enclosed spaces as well as in cable cars. In restaurants/cafés/inns, you have to wear an FFP2 mask when you are not seated at your table. In all types of accommodation, FFP2 masks are mandatory in public enclosed spaces.
• Restaurants/cafés/inns have to close at 11 pm (exception: New Year's Eve). Bars and clubs remain closed for the time being. Après-ski is not possible.
• 2-dose-vaccinations are valid for 270 days after the second dose. After that a booster jab is required, which is also valid for 270 days. Attention: The 1-dose vaccine by Johnson & Johnson is only valid until 3 January 2022, afterwards a booster jab is needed for proof of full vaccination.

New: Rules for children and teenagers:
• Children under 12 years are currently exempt from entry rules (exemption: In Vienna, children from the age of 6 require an entry test).
• Teenagers, who are not fully vaccinated or have not recovered from Covid, can obtain "2-G" status with the so-called "Holiday Ninja Pass". Regular testing is needed as well as documenting the results in the pass.

"Holiday Ninja Pass":

You can download the Ninja Pass hier:

What it is the Ninja Pass?
Holiday Ninja Pass – FAQ

What is the Holiday Ninja Pass?
The Holiday Ninja Pass is a way for young people from 12 to 15 age from Austria and abroad who have not been (fully) vaccinated or do not have proof of past infection, to achieve an officially recognized 2-G status in Austria.

Which conditions must be met for a valid Holiday Ninja Pass?
The Holiday Ninja Pass is equivalent to 2-G proof (by means of documenting a series of test results) for 7 days if
• there is proof of a valid negative test result from day 1 to day 5,
• at least 2 of the tests taken are molecular biological tests for SARS-CoV-2 (PCR tests) and
• all official test certificates are recorded in the Holiday Ninja Pass in analogue or digital form.

The Holiday Ninja Pass regulations are analogue to those of the Corona Test Pass (Ninja Pass) at Austrian schools. The validity of the tests is thus 48 hours for antigen tests and 72 hours for PCR Tests.

What does "of school age" mean?
Compulsory schooling begins on the 1st September after a child turns six years old in Austria and lasts for nine academic years.
Children who turn six by the 31st August must attend school from the 1st September. Those who turn six between 1st September and 31st December only have to attend school from 1st September of the following year.
This means that those born before 1st September 2006 are not classified as of school age.

I don’t go to school in Austria. Can I still use the Holiday Ninja Pass?
Yes. The Holiday Ninja Pass is also available in English and German for young people of school age who have not been (fully) vaccinated or do not have proof of past infection from abroad. This is officially recognised as 2-G proof in combination with the corresponding test results.

Why do I need the Holiday Ninja Pass?
Together with the corresponding tests, the Holiday Ninja Pass is equivalent to 2-G proof and gives access to various establishments in Austria that require 2-G status. This makes it possible to stay at Austrian accommodation establishments, visit restaurants and leisure facilities as well as use cable cars. It also enables you to make use of close contact services (e. g. hairdressers).

Who has to fill in the Holiday Ninja Pass?
The Holiday Ninja Pass is used to record the series of tests and can thus be filled in by anyone who has the relevant test certificates (e. g. young people themselves, parents etc.). The corresponding test certificates must always be carried alongside the completed Holiday Ninja Pass.

Do I have to carry all test certificates with me despite the Holiday Ninja Pass?

You need to carry your Ninja Pass, the test (antigen and PCR) and your identity card.

What is a series of tests?
The Holiday Ninja Pass classifies a series of tests as proof of a negative result for 5 consecutive days. This means that 3 tests must be carried out within these 5 days with no interruption of the series of tests.

Can I start my Holiday Ninja Pass on any day?
Yes. The Holiday Ninja Pass can be started on any day of the week, after which the 7-day cycle applies (5 days of continuous proof of testing plus 2 further days of 2-G status even without test results). The 7-day cycle begins with the first test.
The Holiday Ninja Pass can start before the beginning of the holiday (necessary for PCR tests). Two 7- day cycles may be required for a 1-week holiday.

How long are test results valid for?
The Holiday Ninja Pass regulations are analogue to those of the Corona Test Pass (Ninja Pass) at Austrian schools. The validity of the tests is thus 48 hours for antigen tests and 72 hours for PCR Tests.

Is a single test enough to be recognised as 2-G proof?
For tests to be recognised as the equivalent to 2-G proof, a series of tests must be presented. The Holiday Ninja Pass can already be used as 2-G proof on day 1 (or day 2 following a PCR test). For further use, however, the following test certificates must be recorded and presented to maintain 2-G status.

I have lost my Holiday Ninja Pass. What should I do?
The Holiday Ninja Pass is generally only valid if the 5-day series of tests is not interrupted. We therefore recommend taking a photo of the individual test certificates or saving them electronically, so that only the cover sheet (the pass itself) has to be completed again if lost.

There are no PCR tests in my immediate vicinity. Can I use antigen tests instead?
If a PCR test result could not be obtained due to lack of availability or time (delay in the promised result turnaround within 24 hours), then proof of a negative antigen test may also be presented.

Are antigen tests for self-use (self-tests) valid in the Holiday Ninja Pass?
No. For valid proof of an antigen test, the test must have been carried out by a professional (test, evaluation and interpretation by a medical specialist). This can be done at approved sites, such as the public test centres of the provinces and municipalities, chemists/pharmacies or participating establishments.

"Gargle test campaign for Carinthia"
By testing yourself regularly, you have control over protecting yourself and the people around you. PCR tests performed using the gargle method offer even greater reliability. The campaign will kick off on 8 November. After completing the registration process, you will receive a pickup notification, which you need to present in the participating SPAR branches or in pharmacies to receive your test kits.
IMPORTANT: PCR test results do not come in 24 hours after the sample is taken, but 24 hours after the sample is collected! To receive your test result in time, you need to hand in your test kit by 3pm at the latest, Monday to Friday. In SPAR branches that are open past lunchtime on a Saturday, you may also drop off your test kit by 3pm on Saturdays.

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